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Looking for customized silicone wristbands? At, we offer 100% silicone wrist bands and silicone bracelets at an inexpensive price. Our easy to use wristband maker means that you can customize your design in minutes. We provide many various fashion bracelets to choose from akin to debossed, embossed, ink stuffed, and display printed wristbands with a big selection of fonts and customized clip artwork.

This exotic wood, cherished for its coloration and power is known as the ivory of wooden or sometimes referred to as crocodile wooden as a result of the bark of the tree resembles the scales on the back of a crocodile. Gentle weight, strong and smooth with lovely ivory like shade, it is finely carved and polished by hand to create our jewellery.
Different NAMES: Panggal Buaya (Spine / scale of Crocodile).
LATIN Title: kore-fine-jewellery-in-muttenz Zanthoxylum Rhetsa.
HARVESTING Practice: Grown in a Plantations or Wild Gardens. The Wild Backyard is a type of group backyard that's shared by native families.
Other Details: Crocodile wooden is sort of ivory in shade, and is generally referred to as the ivory of woods because of its easy end and creamy shade.

So, for an experiment, I traded in my marriage ceremony band of a solid design that sat flat on my pores and skin, and changed it with an "OPEN WORK 14k gold ring setting that provided plenty of air circulate round my skin, coupled that with removing my gold for showers and washing dishes and voila it labored!